Saturday, October 15, 2016

New Painting - Day's End on Fritz Cove

The PAINTING, Day's End on Fritz Cove, based on original photograph.
When we were preparing for our 2003 move from Juneau to Albuquerque, we sold our condo very quickly, moved into a rental for a few months, and then, a week or so before we actually sailed south on one of the Alaska ferries, we moved out of the apartment. Our friends, Jim and Carolyn Cameron, generously invited us to stay with them, in their beautiful water-side home on Fritz Cove Road, until our departure date.

We'll never forget their kindness and hospitality. This painting is a "slice" out of a wider panorama photo that I took during our stay there. I plan to send it to Carolyn. (Sadly, Jim has since passed away.) 

I signed this painting without the final approval of my art teacher. She was really unhappy with the stringy moss hanging down on the left side of the painting. She says it detracts from the whole. But I couldn't figure any way to eliminate it, without repainting the entire sky . . . and I'm not going to do that. Besides, it was something that really appealed to me about the original photo, which I've also posted, below. (Don't compare too closely . . . I took a lot of liberties.)

The wider-view PHOTO taken from the Cameron's home on Fritz Cove.

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