Saturday, August 6, 2016

Passing It On

My grandmother Clark hand-crocheted this bedspread for Mom and Dad, many years ago. Mom passed it on to me, and I have kept it stored, safely, and moved it from Juneau, AK; to Salem, OR; to Newberg, OR; to Juneau, AK (again); to Albuquerque, NM; and to our home, now, in Temple, TX. Sadly, I have never had a double-bed that it would fit on.

Recently I contacted my cousin, Bonnie, to see if she might like to have it. She said that she was actually there, as a child, and saw our Grandma Clark working on it, and she has always remembered and loved it. So today I am boxing it up to send it to Bonnie, in Oregon. I'm so glad it will stay in the family. And since Grandma and Grandpa Clark lived for much of their lives in Yamhill Co., Oregon, it's nice that it's going back "home."

Think of all the individual stitches it took to make this!

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