Saturday, May 21, 2016

I'm Just a Sucker for a New Camera!

I've had the itch, for some time, to have a small, compact camera that still has the settings and features I need. I get tired of toting a big, heavy camera and lenses all the time. I will, of course, keep my Nikon DSLR for "special" purposes.

Most of the compact cameras don't have a view finder -- just a screen on the back to frame the shots. A view finder was high on my list of "must haves," and I finally settled on the Sony Cyber-Shot HX80.

My new camera arrived yesterday, so after dinner I took a drive out toward the farming community of Rosebud, to give it a trial run. We've had a lot of thunder storms this spring, which have dumped great quantities of rain, so everything is really green now. As summer weather arrives, the greens will be toned down with a lot of brown.

Here are a few of the test shots I took. I think this little camera is going to be just the ticket, at least for now!

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