Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 - The New Year Begins!

I'm hoping you all had a very happy New Year's Eve. Dan, Tim and I went out for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Our steaks were delicious! I brought half of mine home and had it the next day. Our dinner was quite early, so we were back home before most people had even started their celebrating.

Tim and I worked on a puzzle that evening. I bought it earlier in the day, and chose this one because it only has 750 pieces, and I thought maybe, between the two of us (Dan's not a puzzle fan), we could complete it over the span of New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, which is all we had left together, since Tim was leaving the morning of January 2 (today)

It really was a challenging one, but we DID it, and here's the proof.

I bought some flavored caramel corn for us to snack on that night. It was Dr. Pepper flavored, and very tasty! I know, it doesn't sound so good, . but don't knock it until you try it.

All three of us headed to bed a little before midnight, but as for Dan and me, we were still awake, reading, when the noise of fireworks announced the new year. It was a pretty typical New Year's Eve for us in recent years -- a nice meal out together and coming back home to a fire in the fireplace, some good reading, a few snacks and, most of all, each other - we've traded excitement in for a big helping of contentment as we begin the new year.

Tim did leave this morning. We drove him to Waco to catch the plane for the first leg of his journey, and he texted me along the way until he was back in his own home. Sounds like the trip went smoothly for him. It was good to have him here for about three weeks.

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