Saturday, August 1, 2015

Life with Robert - Part 2

Friday morning I got out my paints to work a little on my current art project. Robert, as I anticipated, wanted to paint, too. So I draped him in one of Grandpa's old shirts, to keep the paint off of his clothes, and set him to work with some poster paints.

Right after lunch the three of us went to the theater to see Minions. I wouldn't call it a huge hit with Robert, although it did get a number of good laughs from him. My own opinion is that this doesn't live up to Despicable Me, the first movie featuring the minions and the only other minion movie I have seen. The only scene that made me laugh occurred while Dan was taking Robert out to the restroom, so Dan missed it. (The scene where the Minions accidentally pop up, through a manhole, in the midst of the photoshoot for the Beatles' Abbey Road album cover.)

Saturday morning came, and with it the continuing hot weather. We went to I-Hop for breakfast, where Robert chose the Funny Face chocolate pancake with whipped cream. Later that morning, just before noon, we went to the Bend o' the River park for the community-wide picnic. We chose to just buy our lunch there, not knowing what to expect. As we were parking, Robert asked, "Are they going to have anything there to eat besides bananas? Because I hate bananas." LOL. We assured him that the menu would have other choices, and it did. We were pleasantly surprised to find that nearly anything on the menu was just $1.00. Robert got a hot dog, two cookies and a red soda pop! 

There was an enjoyable jazz band playing, first in the gazebo, and later strolling among the picnic tables. 

Robert lasted for an hour or a little more, and then he kind of crashed. All of a sudden he was unhappy with just about everything - the food, the heat, the music, the scratchy grass, Grandma's rules - you name it! Could have been because of the red soda pop! Could have been because of activity-overload. Was probably simply because he's a 5-year old little boy! Anyway, it was time to go home, where watching cartoons on Netflix, in an air-conditioned room, seemed just the ticket. I've probably let him watch way more cartoons this afternoon than would have been allowed at his home, but it seemed to make all of us happy, so Grandma took the easy way out. We'll be returning him into his parents' hands tomorrow, and we'll leave the job of weaning him off of all the one-on-one attention and relaxed rules to them. And that's the JOY of GRANDPARENTHOOD!

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