Saturday, July 25, 2015


It's a joy to have Chris, Kelsey, Clara and Robert visit us whenever they can. But once or twice a year I love to have just one of the grands come and stay for a while. That one-on-one time is super-special. And it's Robert's turn!

I always try to plan out these days ahead of time . . . so that my little guest won't get bored. As much as I loved my Grandma and Grandpa (and I loved them ever-so-much), I always got bored at their little (always too hot) apartment, especially when all the adults were talking and I had to find something to keep myself entertained. There were only a few things to play with . . . so few, in fact, that I still remember each one of them. There was a little wind-up brown fuzzy bear that walked across the floor; there were two little silver-colored Scottie dog magnets that could stick together or, turned the other way, push apart; and there was a little fish made out of a thin plastic film (an advertising give-away from Juneau Cold Storage, as I recall) which, when held in a warm hand, would curl up and wiggle a bit. Grandma also had a little painted dog, made of something like clay. It was about 8 inches tall and had a chip out of one ear. I always wondered if I had been the cause of the chip, and was never sure if I was really supposed to play with it. But I did. (Now that I put this in writing, I realize that I might never have remembered these things so clearly and dearly had there been scads of toys, so . . . )

But, anyway, I've been making plans for Robert's up-coming visit. First I took a look at "Grandma's toy box," and found that it was in sad shape for a 5-year old boy. Most of the toys were for toddlers. It was time for a refresh. So I placed an order for some new and exciting things. It kind of felt like Christmas, and when the items arrived I couldn't wait to open them up and try them out myself. (I might have gone a little overboard - but I only have ONE grandson!) One of them - an electronics kit - is probably a bit too advanced for his age, but I think with help from Grandpa or Grandma he'll have fun with it, and it will be entertaining for him and Clara for a long time to come.

A couple days ago I went to the Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum to see if THAT might be interesting for him to visit. Nope. I think he's still too young, but I enjoyed it! When he's a little older we'll go together.

The interior of the old train station. I think the woodwork is beautiful.

This display told about what the different colored lanterns meant to the engineer.

This was actually a 3-D mural on the wall, made out of real train parts.

A train headlight. It was huge! As I bent down to snap a picture of it, I saw my own upside-down image in the lens.

Other things I have in mind while Robert is here include going to see the movie Minions. I know that'll be a hit.

And, if the temperatures aren't too high, we'll go play in a park or two and maybe to a splash pad to cool off in the evening.

Bring it on!!!

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