Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy Birthweek to Me :-)

My birthday was Wednesday, but it turned into a birthWEEK instead.

On Tuesday I went to my art class. The rule in that class is that whoever has a birthday brings treats for the rest of the class. I made a "turtle cake" - a devil's food cake with a caramel/chocolate chip/pecan center. I left one piece at home, for Dan, and then there were a couple pieces left over after art class, so those came home with me, as well. My friend, Janet, is in art class, and she made my day extra special with a very sweet card and note and a gift card for Hobby Lobby (where I get most of my art supplies). Very thoughtful.

Wednesday was my actual birthday, and Mom and I went to ladies' Bible class. We had cake there, as well, and everyone sang Happy Birthday to me. Then, afterward, we all went out to Cracker Barrel for lunch. The lunch wasn't really because of my birthday, but since Mom treated me, it felt like part of my celebration. Maybe the highlight of my birthday was the Skype call I got from my two precious grandchildren. That evening, after church, Dan took me to Starbuck's for one of my favorites - sweetened Earl Gray tea, with vanilla and a big splash of cream. I call this concoction a London Fog. Yum!

I received some email notes and cards from friends and family, as well. Uncle Bud, Mom's brother in Juneau, sent me an on-line card with a sweet note; my friend, Gloria, in Washington state, did the same. And my dear friend, Kathy, in Juneau, wrote me a very long, newsy email letter with birthday wishes.

Then, on Thursday evening, thanks to Dan's plotting and planning, we drove down to Georgetown to go out to dinner at Fish City with our long-time friends, Milt and Susie. After dinner we went to their house, played Train (dominoes), and had Susie's homemade Texas brownies with Blue Bell ice cream! (Oh, and did I mention that Fish City sent us home with a big slice of complimentary key lime pie, because it was my birthday? PLEASE don't add up all the calories that are scattered throughout this blog post!)

This morning, when we first woke up, Dan said, "Happy Birthday." I think he was stuck in a rut!  I told him that this birthday is OVER! Three days of celebrating was more than enough! All good things must come to an end. Many thanks to all of my dear friends and family for making turning 66 a sweet thing.

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Happy Birthday to YOU!