Thursday, October 30, 2014

Settled In Before the Holidays

It was the middle of July - three and a half months ago - that Mom made her move from New Mexico to Texas. It's been a long and twisty road getting her completely settled into her new home at Stoney Brook. But it's finally a done deal.

I won't re-hash, here, all of the story, but if you count the big move from Carlsbad, she has had to move three times before settling into her "forever" unit. It's a one-bedroom "grande" apartment, and I think she is really happy with it. We helped her get moved, unpacked, and settled last week. Dan also spent one day putting together a wooden utility cart, to give her more space for things like her coffee maker and toaster. She doesn't have a full kitchen - just a kitchenette, with a microwave and a little refrigerator. But she does have a nice sized living room, with windows on two sides (she's on a corner), and a nice bedroom with plenty of space for her queen sized bed, her computer desk, and her chest of drawers. She also has access to a patio space with a wooden bench. What she is MOST thrilled about is the wonderful, walk-in closet, with lots of shelving. She has more storage space now than she actually needs . . . room to grow. The only thing she is needing now is a small loveseat, to put in the living room. We'll go shopping for that someday soon.

I think she's quite content now, with everything . . .  except the food. Institutional food leaves a LOT to be desired, and she's pretty disappointed in that. I try to get her out for a good meal at least a couple times a week.

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