Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Catching Up

Dan had his staples removed at the two-week mark. His therapist came for the last time last Thursday. She's thrilled with his progress. Someone from Home Health should be coming to the house to see him this week to discharge him from their care. He'll be charged with continuing his exercises on his own, for the long haul. Full recovery takes a full year. He still takes a cane with him when he leaves the house, but he usually just carries it instead of actually using it. He's anxiously waiting his six-week appointment with the doctor, when he should be released to drive again.

And, speaking of continued exercise . . . Dan's therapist was the last in a string of professionals who recommended a stationary recumbent bicycle for both Dan and me. So we finally broke down and bought one. We set it up in the "kids' room" - the room with the bunk beds for Clara and Robert, when they visit. We can move it out of there when the kids are here. Both of us have been faithfully using it, so far. I am doing a morning and an evening session.

The babies have flown away. Now we need to get the nest taken down and the porch and column cleaned up again.

Remember how dead our lawn looked early this spring, because of a fungus that attacked it?

We treated it with a fungicide and have been careful not to over-water it, and it's almost totally recovered. We were really concerned, thinking we might have to re-sod at least part of it, but I'm happy to report that that's not going to be necessary.

We're looking forward to a visit from Tim in the near future. It will be brief, since he has other friends in Texas whom he wants to visit, as well, but we'll get to enjoy him for a few days.

It looks like a space will be opening up at Stoney Brook by the middle of July . . . not the size/style apartment that Mom wants, but one she can move into until the ideal one opens up. It's been a difficult time for her. She has been in limbo, not knowing when she will be moving, but trying to be ready whenever they notify her. Last week was especially difficult for her, emotionally. But today the movers are coming to her house to take inventory and give her an estimate for the move. Since it is their peak season, there is about a 30-day wait from the time you get on their list to when they can actually come and pick up your household goods. Then it takes 4 to 7 days to deliver it at the other end, so we are starting this process none-too-soon!

I plan to travel to Carlsbad on July 7, to help Mom with the final stages of her move, and then drive her to Texas. I'm not sure whether the timing will work out for her to move directly into her new place when we get back, but she can stay with us until she does.

The Bible Bees is off and running. The numbers are still small, but we are actually getting some new-comers who've heard about the program. And the children are excited about learning their memory verses and new songs. One little girl whose Mama habitually gets her to class late has started coming with her grandparents just so she won't be late for the Bible Bees!

I'm still loving my two hours a week that I spend in my art class. I'm getting to know some of the others in the class, and finding it the most relaxing time of my entire week. My teacher is still having me do drawing and shading exercises, but the drawings are getting more complex. Someday I'll get to pick up a brush and dip it into some paint!

Still Life

Doll on Stand

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Lois said...

So good to hear all is progressing well for you and your family. Your art work is super.