Thursday, September 5, 2013

Footnotes (or Good Shoes Take You Good Places)

Today was a full day. Dan and I drove down to Georgetown, to the VW dealer, where we had the new-car-service performed and got our license plates installed. Since we were going to be in that area, we had arranged to take our friends, Milt and Susie, who live there, to lunch. But the service on the car didn't take as long as we expected, giving us 45 minutes or so to waste before going to their house. What better place than the Round Rock Premium Outlet Mall to spend a little spare time?

We only went inside one store, the Skechers shoe store. I sometimes have a hard time finding a shoe that feels good on my wider-than-average feet. But look at this picture! I found one that didn't pinch my foot AT ALL! I would have bought it, but it slipped a little on my heel - ha! I did end up getting a couple pair of shoes there, though (a "buy one pair, get the second for half price" sale). THAT'S why we only went into one store. I think Dan was afraid to let me look in another one after that purchase.

"What do you think, Dan?"

After shoe-shopping we went to Milt and Susie's, and from there out to lunch with them at Freebird's. We enjoyed eating at a Freebird's in Katy when we visited Chris and Kelsey, so when Milt and Susie suggested it, we happily agreed.

We got back home this afternoon in time for a little down-time before I needed to head to the library to meet with my new Japanese student, whom I will be tutoring in conversational English. I'm doing this as a volunteer with the Temple Literacy Council. It was a great first session, and I'm really looking forward to future ones. My student is a young man, very well educated, married, with a brand new (3 week old) baby girl. 


Anonymous said...

Plenty of grow into room - that's good???

Lois said...

Gotta love that colorful shoe :)