Monday, June 3, 2013

A Wonderful Weekend

Friday, the day after Joint Camp, I went to the hospital clinic for my pre-op appointments. Everything went very smoothly, and I was cleared for the surgery. There was still no pre-authorization from my insurance company, although they had sent the hospital a financial report of what would be covered. (Seems a little backward, doesn't it - no authorization, but here's what we'll cover? But that's how it was.) I was amazed and grateful to hear that the insurance would cover nearly all of the costs, and leave us without a big financial burden.

Friday evening Chris, Kelsey and the children arrived in time for dinner. It was such a blessing to have them here, especially at this time. It made the weekend fly by in a flurry of activity, and kept my mind off of the coming hospital experience.

I had freshened up the toy box a bit, adding a few new things for them to discover, which only took about five minutes for Robert. He spent most of the weekend playing with a new set of Hot Wheels, while Clara styled Barbie's hair and colored Hello Kitty pictures.

After dinner on Friday we sat outside on the back patio while the kids and their Daddy ran around in the yard squirting each other with water. The laughing, squealing and hollering were the most noise our neighbors had ever heard coming from our backyard. And to my ears it was music.

On Sunday we went to Bible classes and worship. The children were both so good, and that prompted compliment after compliment on how well behaved and precious our grandchildren were. Grandma and Grandpa were very proud of them.

We ate lunch out at a Mexican restaurant, then came home for naps. By 4:00 parents and kids, alike, were rested, and they piled into the car for the trip home.

Sunday evening, after worship, my friend Wynn handed me a piece of paper with a list of ladies who have offered to bring dinner to our home for a week, beginning Friday (my anticipated first day home). I was touched and overwhelmed. Once again I marveled at how blessed Dan and I are to have, both, a loving physical family and spiritual one.

This morning I received a call from Scott & White, informing me that my insurance authorization had finally been received. No more hurdles! Tomorrow morning I am supposed to check into the hospital at 6:00 a.m., and surgery is tentatively scheduled for 7:30 a.m. I've surprised myself at how calm I've been . . . no worries. I wouldn't be surprised, however, if the adrenaline kicks in, and I find it a little difficult to sleep tonight. Many of you who read my blog have sent me emails saying you'll be praying for me. You don't know how much that means to me! Thank you.


Linda said...

HI Linda - I've been a blog reader since we shared time on the PSE site, back many years ago. Good luck to you tomorrow. My younger sister had both of her knees replaced in 2008 and 2010 and has NEVER looked back - not once! I will pray for your complete and speedy recovery. Good luck, Linda

Anonymous said...

Family in troubled times is always the true strength and blessing you need. Thinking of you too. Ron

regularman said...

Good luck tomorrow Linda ... Jan and I will be thinking of you.


Linda Judd said...

To the other Linda: Thank you so much for your encouragement and your prayers. How fun to know that you've been reading my blog for so many years!

Ron and Bill: Many thanks to you, too!

Oma Hagen said...

Hope all goes well, Linda. Will be praying for surgery and recovery to go well. Laura Hagen