Thursday, March 14, 2013

Good Friends Part I

Our long-time, good friends, Pepper and Cindy, from Juneau, are visiting us for a few days. We are having a great time. I've known Cindy since I was in high school. She moved to Juneau to take a teaching job. She and Pepper married soon after, and we've been friends ever since.

Today we drove down to the Ikea store, near Austin, and did the full hike through the entire store. Cindy and Pepper had never been to one before, and Cindy was really excited about going. Pepper and Dan were such good sports! Neither one is fond of shopping, but both completed the full Ikea marathon, including a lunch break at the Swedish cafeteria. With no complaining!

On our way home, Pepper asked if we could stop at the Horny Toad Harley Davidson store, on I-35 just south of Temple. Their son, Jess, is a Harley guy, so Pepper wanted to get him a Horny Toad Harley T-shirt. It's a huge store, and we found it fascinating. I told Dan, "This store makes you want to buy a Harley, just be to be part of the 'club!'" (Not really)


tjmcchesney said...

Good friends are the can not see them forever and then pick up right where you left off! Looks like they are enjoying their visit!

Lois said...

Can't think of anything better than spending time with good friends.