Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Road Trip

It's been a long, long time since I traveled with kids in the backseat! But Monday I successfully completed a road trip with Kelsey and the kids. They drove to our house early on Monday of last week, and we transferred their luggage and car seats into my VW, and we headed west to Pecos, TX. Pecos is where Kelsey grew up and where her parents still live. The eight hour trip went wonderfully. Kelsey brought along a portable DVD player, and the animated movies kept both kids happy and entertained all across the state of Texas. We couldn't have asked for better travelers. Robert, who is newly potty-trained (in ONE day, I might brag!) even stayed dry the entire time.

After leaving Kelsey and the kids with her parents (known as Bia and Pawpaw to Clara and Robert), I drove another hour-and-a-half to Carlsbad, NM, to stay with my Mom for a few days. We had a nice visit. We made a couple trips to Artesia to eat out, and spent some of her money on a couple things she's been wanting to purchase - a new desk chair and a new vacuum. 

On Friday Kelsey's folks drove her and the children up to Carlsbad so Mom could visit with them for a while. Kelsey and the kids had lunch with us and livened things up around Nanny's house! REALLY livened things up ;-) They were full of pep and vinegar that day.

On Monday morning (this week) I hugged Mom good-bye and drove back down to Pecos to pick up my very special passengers and head back east. Kelsey and the kids spent Monday night here at our house, then drove home on Tuesday morning. It's about a three hour trip for them.

It was a lot of fun traveling with Kelsey and the kids. Having someone to talk to made the time and miles fly by. I'm so grateful to have a d-i-l who is willing to be cooped up with her m-i-l for such a long time. Not all mothers-in-law are so blessed! Thanks for the adventure and good memories, Kelsey.

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