Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mom Visits

Wednesday of last week I drove from Temple to Mom's house in Carlsbad. It's an eight hour drive. I spent the night at her house, and then, on Thursday, the two of us headed back to Temple. It would be Mom's first time to visit us in our new home. It's nice having her here. We've done a little bit of shopping for things she doesn't have access to in Carlsbad, and we've toured some of the lakeside parks. The weather has been beautiful, and everything is so green here now. Here's a picture of the roses at the front of our house.

Tomorrow Mom and I will hit the road again to go see Chris, Kelsey and the grands. We'll leave fairly early in the morning, so should be there by lunch time. It's a three-hour drive, much of it over country roads.

This afternoon I decorated some sugar cookies to take to Clara and Robert. I hope they enjoy them. I think there are enough for them to share a few with their daddy and mommy, too.

On Tuesday Mom and I will return to our house, in Temple, and on Thursday I will drive her back home to Carlsbad. For those of you who are trying to do the math . . . in all, I'll be covering approximately 2275 road miles in ten days. Whew!

Stay tuned; I hope to have a few more pictures to post after visiting the kids.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like such exciting times! I'm sure that they all loved your beautiful cookies.

How wonderful that you can visit all of them within such a short period of time now!

Give Margaret a hug for me!