Monday, August 15, 2011

Seeing Albuquerque in One Day, with Takashi and Yoko

First, here's a picture of one of the gifts Takashi and Yoko brought us. It was a box of absolutely decadent chocolates, from Boston, where they visited Takashi's cousin before coming to see us. Kind of hidden among the other chocolates in the box I discovered this little fellow. Isn't he cute? Too cute to eat!

This morning, as planned, we took our guests to Krispy Kreme. It was a "sweet" way to start the day.

Then we drove to Old Town. Dan and I relaxed in the plaza while Takashi and Yoko strolled and shopped for souvenirs to take home to family.

By the time we were done with Old Town, it was almost lunch time, so we headed to the Sandia Peak Tram, and rode to the top, where we had lunch at the restaurant there, called "High Finance."

We decided to take a siesta break during the heat of the afternoon, and then, around 5:00, I picked T & Y up at their hotel and deposited them at the Cottonwood Mall. They wanted to take a look around there before dinner. Dan, Tim and I met up with them later for pizza dinner at Dion's.

We ended the evening at our apartment, remembering old times and sharing stories of more recent happenings.

Tomorrow morning I'll be picking them up at the hotel and taking them to the airport. It's been such a short visit, but we made the most of it. We're already talking about "next time."

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