Saturday, July 9, 2011


Offer came to us on Wednesday.

Counter offer went back to them on Thursday.

They accepted our counter on Friday.

We have to be out of the house by August 6. Yipes!

We found an apartment today.

After they run our background checks, our rental contract should be ready by Tuesday.

We can occupy the apartment on August 5 -- one day before we must be out of our (their) house.

Everything is happening in hyper-speed!

We are so thankful that our prayers have been answered. I kept praying that the right people would buy our home at the right time and for the right price. I'm confident that Mr. and Mrs. O are the right people; the right time is now; and the price we agreed upon is fair for both parties.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Mike Clemens

Anonymous said...

Congrats! What a relief! Is it the couple that "tried" out your garage?.....Genie

Linda Judd said...

Yes, Genie :-)

Anonymous said...

Now the work begins, huh ? I hope the entire rest of this big move goes as smoothly as this one has so far. Love to you & Dan

Papa John said...

Providence? Count on it!!

Oma Hagen said...

God always takes such good care of us! It's so great when He makes things just fall into place. :-) Laura

Anonymous said...

I am really behind on all my communications. Congratulations to you guys! I am so excited for you. I guess I won't be coming to visit you while you are in your lovely home there in Albuquerque.

I am barely getting to visit my own home right now. I am here for about 12 hours tonight and then back to Vancouver tomorrow. I will come back home on Friday to spend part of Ken's birthday with him and we will go to the Mariner's game that Nick and Stacie bought us tickets for. I will try to do a little bit of cheering for the TEXAS Rangers for you.