Saturday, March 27, 2010

There's Hope

Last week my little two- and three-year-olds and I talked about the third day of creation in our Sunday morning Bible class. (You remember the song . . . Day three, day three, God made plants and flowers and trees.) As part of the lesson, we looked at some seeds that I had germinated in a damp coffee filter, and talked about how God makes baby plants grow from seeds. Then each child planted a few zinnia seeds in a little peat pot.

I took the pots home and have been babying them all week long -- watering them, kicking up the thermostat when the house was chilly, toting them from window to window so as to catch the changing sunlight, and cheering them on. Yesterday I began to wonder what I should do if none of them sprouted by Sunday morning. How disappointed would the children be? Should I "cheat" and buy some plants at the nursery to replace them?

Oh ye of little faith! (Speaking to myself.)

This morning I saw that God did what God does. He made life come from the dirt. So far only one of the pots has a baby zinnia peeking through the soil, but if one has sprouted, the others can't be far behind. There's even hope that they'll all be poking through by tomorrow morning when I take them back to class. Praise God for the little and the big things He does.

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Anonymous said...

You have such a green thumb! But if push had come to shove I say go buy some plants and cheat!