Monday, December 7, 2009

The Long-Eared Party Crasher

This weekend our church family got together for a holiday party. The food was abundant and delicious. The fellowship was warm and loving. But what had the children pumped was the rumor that Santa Claus would be making an appearance.

Our preacher, John, was the emcee for the evening’s talent show and was keeping things moving along nicely. He had done a super job of building up the kids' anticipation of Santa’s arrival. Unbeknownst to John, though, Santa was not the only VIP coming to the party.

As the talent show drew to a close, John focused everyone's attention on the doors, where we all expected to see that familiar red-and-white-suited elf make his entrance. But look who showed up instead!

Poor John, who always has things so well planned-out, including his own script for the evening, was at a LOSS for words. Now that has to be a first for John! The children had amused, but puzzled, expressions on their faces as the Easter Bunny began handing out little pouches of candy.

But Santa Claus would never let down a crowd of good, little sparkly-eyed boys and girls. A couple minutes later he, also, burst through the doors with a mighty "Ho ho ho!" He proceded to make it clear to the Easter Bunny that he had crashed the wrong party. We all had a good laugh, and the children were the winners, because they received a second round of goodies - this time from Santa.
(Thanks to Wayne and Keith for their creative role-playing and for putting one over on John!)


Anonymous said...

What a clever trick! Looked like a fun time for all!


Anonymous said...

Oh what a funny surprise! I LOVE those jokes, ya know??

Tell the guys that they done good.

Ho ho ho, hee hee hee!