Friday, October 23, 2009

PLAY - The Icing on the Cake of Retirement

The third "P" needed for a full and rewarding retirement is PLAY.

I couldn't bring myself to write a boring essay about PLAY! I had to have some fun doing it. And I hope you'll have some fun solving this crossword puzzle that I designed, which features some forms of play that I enjoy. If you can't read the numbers or the letters I've added to help you, click on the puzzle to enlarge it. Have fun!

How Linda Plays

7. Where Dan performs his culinary magic when we entertain friends (2 words)
9. The great outdoors
10. People love homemade ones, more than store bought
11. Solve it to see the big picture (2 words)
15. An inexpensive way to travel to Santa Fe for the day
17. A fun number puzzle
18. The "toy" I use to frame someone
19. I love doing this on the web, but not on the ocean
21. A fun and easy day-trip from Albuquerque (2 words)
22. The pause that refreshes
23. Grandma's way of helping Santa Claus

1. It's usually better to read the book before seeing this
2. My no-mess tool for scrapbooking
3. When I have time, I'll make it rhyme
4. My BFF (best friend forever)
5. I'll do it by land, sea and/or air
6. My take-along library of books
7. You have to be one to have one (2 words)
8. This exercises my left brain (2 words)
12. The results of this hobby could be used to make greeting cards or calendars
13. A lunch with Dan and the ants
14. They decorate Albuquerque's October skies (3 words)
16. Sugar and spice and everything nice
20. My favorite young playmates


Patty said...

stumped on 7 down and across.

Linda said...

Oh, yes, Patty. Those might be tough, especially the "down" one. For across, think outdoor cooking.

By the way, BRAVO for you for trying! I wasn't sure anyone would :-)