Saturday, August 29, 2009

Isotopes Game

Tonight a fairly large group from our church congregation went to the Isotopes baseball game. They were playing the Memphis Redbirds. We usually try to go once or twice a season, and I always have fun. Although my interest in the game is short-lived, I still enjoy being outside in the warmth of a summer evening, visiting with our friends and taking pictures. Tonight we didn't stay for the entire game. Dan is preaching tomorrow morning, standing in for our preacher, John, who is out of town. So he wanted to get home at a decent time and be rested for tomorrow. When we left it wasn't looking too good for the 'Topes. The score was 3 to 7. I just saw that the final score was Isotopes 9, Memphis 11. So sad!

Isotopes Park with the Sandias in the background

Orbit is the mascot for the 'Topes

You can see we were waaaaaay up in the second tier of the bleachers. It was a little hard climbing up there with my bad knee, but I made it, thanks to a sturdy handrail.

The Wave!

This is the real reason I come to the game . . . Dippin' Dots!


Betty said...

What kind of ice cream is it? How do they make those little balls? Looks really interesting.

Linda said...

Betty, here's a web site that will tell you about Dippin' Dots. They are delish'! They are colder than regular ice cream.

By the way, Betty, I have not been successful at leaving a comment on your blog. I've tried, but I don't seem to have the right combination of username and password or whatever, to do it :-( Any hints?