Sunday, March 23, 2008

Passing On Family Treasures

This is the week I've been waiting for! Sweetpea and her mama will be here in a few days, and my anticipation is growing by the hour. I've been preparing for their arrival for the past week or two -- refreshing "Grandma's toy box"; helping the Easter Bunny assemble a (late) Easter basket; taking care of a few extra chores, so I can spend every possible minute with them; investigating what toddler activities are available in the community; finishing up my "Over In The Meadow" book, so it'll be here waiting for Sweetpea; shopping for some foods that I know they'll enjoy; and freshening up the guest room for Kelsey.

And, in the process of rearranging some things in the guest room, I came across something I've had since Chris was in second grade. It is a bundle of primary-school lined paper, stapled together, with a faded construction paper cover, that reads:

They were Chris' second grade writing assignments, from his year in Mrs. Gollersrud's class, in Salem, Oregon. I sat down right then and read through the stories once again. What a treasure! And it will be my joy (as I've gradually done with some other of these sentimental keepsakes) to hand this over to Kelsey, while she's here. Knowing how she treasures her and Chris' family histories, I feel good about passing these things on for her safe-keeping.

(You may need to click on these pictures, to see them larger, so you can read them. By the way, "Romagons," which he mentions, was the name of a toy construction set; I don't think they are still sold.)

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